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Jak II

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Jak II

Jak II is a Platformer released in October 2003 by Naughty Dog for the Playstation 2. It is the sequel to Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy and is followed by Jak 3 a year later.


The Speed Demos Archive hosts Jak II competition. The current proven World Record for a complete Jak II speedrun is 1:20:02 " Djtomjak73, His WR video was uploaded to Youtube on Dec 20, 2013 and was done on Live stream. You can find a link to his WR run Here

Speedrun Strategies

This section is a stub. You can help by expanding it. *In progress off updating! -ImRuKus
  • Things to come!, I will provide video footage and a written explanation of the strats (please note if there is a "*" next to a section it has not been fully written about and more info will be added. I will try and credit whoever discovered the skip.*

*Common terms:

OoB: Out of Bounds, This is defined by escaping the intended area of play, and commonly used to bypass sections of the game.

*General Tips

-Roll Jumping: Roll jumping is the 2nd fastest way to move without a vehicle, simply role then press jump at the end of your role to leap a fair distance.

-Hover-board 360 speed boost: Using the hover-board 360 boost is the fastest way (besides zoomer or car) to move around the city, in any area with enough space and no zoomers it is recommended to pull out the hover-board and use the 360 spin boost to your advantage.

-Hover-board front flip: Using the hover-board front flip in conjunction with the 360 hover-board boost can be used to skip sections of jump puzzles or skip huge portions of missions. *examples will be provided via video footage*

-Zoomer hop: on a Zoomer you are able to do a slight hop by tapping the "L1" button. This can be used for Zoomper hop turning (see below) and used to hop on ledges and get Jak OoB.

-Zoomer hop turning: when turning corners with a zoomer you can aid the curve of the turn by spamming the "L1" button causing your Zoomer to hop, this allows you to turn sharper at a faster speed then normal. Very handy in the 3 race missions.

*Known Skips (sequence breaks)

-*Red Barrier skip. Using a Zoomer to get OoB to get past the red barrier.

-*Yellow Barrier skip. Using a Zoomer to get OoB to get past the yellow barrier, There's two variations of this skip.

-*Mars Tomb skip. Using a Zoomer to get OoB to get into Mars Tomb.

-*Mars Door skip. Climbing up on a ledge and spin kicking to clip through the door, This allows us to get into Mars tomb without the key. Possibly the most game breaking clip imo.

-*Left Tomb skip. Jumping onto and using a spin kick to clip through the top of a pillar outside of the left tomb, You then must walk under the door to load the boulder, you can then jump back in bounds skipping the main chamber and go directly to the daxter boulder run.

-*Life seed skip. Using the hoverboard to skip using the mech and to jump to Samo's hut to get the life seed.

-*Destroy Eggs skip. By climbing up the rock face behind the teleporter you are able to reach the container without having to go through the anoyying hover-board gauntlet.

-*Destroy tower skip. Once you jump in the Mech after entering the level simply walk down the slope to the right, near the bottom of this ramp there is no invisible barrier allowing you to go OoB and walk past alot of the traps, you can then jump back in bounds and continue the mission as normal. (this essentially skips a huge portion of the mission).

-*Construction site skip. By jumping onto the crashed tank in the base of the tower you can do a double jump spin kick to get up on a ledge and into a loading zone for a cutscene. This eliminates the need to go through opening doors with the valves and skips the majority of the mission.

-*Metal Kor skip. This dosn't skip the final boss however it skips the need to try against him. By turning around and heading to your left you are able to double jump spin kick to get up on a ledge and do another double jump spin kick to grab the ledge and get up onto the rock face you entered the room from. By getting up here you are technically OoB as it was never intended for you to be there, however you are still able to shoot Kor while his projectiles cannot hit you allowing you to stand there and just spam your gun to victory.

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