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Icewind Dale

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Icewind Dale

Icewind Dale is an RPG released in June of 2000 by Black Isle Studio for the PC. The series continued with Icewind Dale II.


The Speed Demos Archive hosts Icewind Dale competition. The original proven World Record for a complete-game ID speedrun is 50 minutes and 0 seconds, achieved by Julien Langer on September 25th, 2005.

Julien Langer was not satisfied with that time. Through mutual research into the Infinity Engine by many runners, and breakthroughs in other games on the Infinity Engine, the best time was brought down to 32 minutes and 57 seconds again by Julien Langer on September 1st, 2007. He split the run into 9 segments.

Speedrun Strategies

The strategies here are the same used on most Infinity Engine games. Baldur's_Gate_II:_Shadows_of_Amn has a list of popular ones which do carry over to Icewind Dale. The page which is referenced at the bottom goes into some detail about each segment.

Some special notes to this run:

  • Since this run is segmented, each fight can be optimized. For examples, the spell Finger of Death has a percent chance to kill an enemy based on their resistance and saving throws. Playing it over and over, eventually the enemy can be killed instantly at the start of the fight.
  • Dimension Door Glitch happens when the character casts the Dimension Door spell and immediately enters a new area. The character is teleported on the new map where the dimension door was cast on the old map. This is based on the coordinates selected when clicking on the old map.
  • Item duping is used in this run. Potions can be duplicated using a glitch, meaning potion reserves are infinite once a single copy has been found.

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