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F-Zero GPL Terminology & Tactics

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These are various terms used in the game F-Zero: GP Legend

Basic Moves

Blast Turning

This is the most important technique for maintaining grip whilst turning. Tapping the accelerator during a turn will prevent you from slipping out of control, and it will allow you to make narrower turns. Blast Turning will slow you down, so it is important not to overuse this technique for getting fast times.


This is basically holding a shoulder button down whilst driving. No speed increase will be shown on the speedometer, but you will travel slightly faster than usual. Strafing is also used for 2 different turning techniques.

Sharp Turn

Turning whilst holding the corresponding shoulder button. To Sharp Turn right, you would hold R and press the d-pad right. For a Sharp Turn left, hold L and press left on the d-pad.

Drift Turn

Turning whilst holding the opposite shoulder button. This is the most important turning technique, it gives a speed increase and allows you to take sharp corners very tightly. It is used for the advanced technique DDT.

Extended Drift Turn

When performing a drift turn, if the turn is held for a few seconds, your speed begins to drop and the turning circle of your vehicle decreases (this is only really applicable to machines with a strong strafe such as Jet Vermillion). Whilst this can be seen as an unwanted side-effect, on some tracks the use of an extended drift turn can be desirable, since you receive a hidden speed boost in relation to the extremity of the machine's drift.

Boost Start

Pressing the accelerator at the right time during the start of the race will give you a boost start. Depending on the craft you use, this will either be at the first, second or third beep.

Turbo Boost

After the first lap has finished, you can use boost. Using a boost depletes your energy.


Hitting a Jump Plate makes your craft air borne. Holding down will make your craft jump further, and land straight. Landing without holding down will cause a bad landing where you lose speed and energy.

Advanced Moves


Drift Driving Technique, or Drunk Driving Technique. This technique involves chaining Drift Turns together one after another. It is very similar to SSMTs in the Mario Kart games. Drift turning is faster than driving in a straight line, so continually performing drifts is significantly faster.

Boost Extended Drift

This is the same as an extended drift, but with a boost. When performing an extended drift during boost, your speed never drops, therefore a boost extended drift is potentially the fastest way to take long-radius corners. Unfortunately the turning radius still gets weaker, making turns hard, so its use is limited to just a few circuits such as KF and P1, and the jump shortcuts on Q2 (boost extended drift jump).

Drift Jump

Performing a Drift Turn as you jump allows you to travel slightly further. This can be used on courses such as Bishop 4 and Queen 2 to make shortcuts.

Mine Boost

Hitting a mine will give you a speed boost. The hard part is hitting one at the right angle, so you keep a good racing line and don’t crash. Blast Turning will help to maintain control after hitting a mine. Heavier craft are better at this technique, because they recover faster and lose less energy.