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ActRaiser is an action/Fantasy game released in November of 1991 by Enix for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The Series continued with ActRaiser 2.


The Speed Demos Archive hosts ActRaiser competition. The current proven World Record for a complete-game AR speedrun is 1 hour, 7 minutes, 06 seconds, achieved by Nicholas "Sir VG" Hoppe on July 31st, 2007. VG also holds the Professional Mode record with a time of 27 minutes and 43 seconds, achieved on August 4th, 2007.

Speedrun Strategies

Simulation Stratagies

  • Each area features 2 lairs that when sealed, improve the simulation level (you get a message). This increases how fast the population grows.

Fillmore: Bat (upper right), Dragon
Bloodpool: Bat (upper left), Dragon (near temple)
Kasandora: Both Red Demon lairs
Aitos: Dragon (upper left, lower left)
Marahna: Red Demon, Bat Lairs
Northwall: Doesn't matter (but for the record, it's the dragon and far east skull lairs)

  • Wheat helps improve population growth. For a speedrun, it's only needed in Kasandora and Marahna.
  • The red demon's lair can be sealed in Bloodpool w/o destroying the trees.
  • If Bloodpool is post-Act II and the population hits 300, the civil war will commence. Your population can go over 300 w/o using music if you're away from Bloodpool before you hit the mark.
  • If Kasandora is post-Act II and the population hits 300, AND you've found the wandering man in the desert, Kasandora will suffer from the plague. This can be avoided by either not finding the man, by being away from the land when 300 is reached, or by immediately leaving after Act II is cleared.
  • Teddy running away from home, Aitos' windmills stopping, Fillmore's house on fire, and Northwall getting the chills kills the population growth until they're solved/fixed.
  • Fillmore's house on fire can be avoided by killing no more than 7 enemies before the first construction, and 3 on the 2nd. After that, the house will not be built on that space.

Action Strategies

  • On the normal game, Stardust is the magic of choice. This is found in Bloodpool after sealing the Red Demon lair.
  • Some places, such as Northwall Act I, taking damage is considerably faster as you simply run through the enemies, instead of being bounced back.
  • On the Japanese version, all ground spikes are INSTANT DEATH. Thus a minor shortcut in Bloodpool Act II (Part 3) can't be taken due to this.

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