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Jack William Wedge II

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Jack William Wedge II (aka Rising Tempest, Jackimus, JackOfWailing) is the biggest cheater at The Elite and we love him all the more for it.

Though he does not compete formally at Goldeneye, Jack has still achieved a small handful of notable times, including Bunker 1 00 Agent 1:07. He also participated in the Elite's first Team Tournament for the game and played at a respectable level, winning one event for his team.

He is instead mainly known for his extremely well done TAS runs of the game, though the majority of his runs have since been improved by the highly talented duo of Henrik Norgren and Simon Sternis. Jack has also made TASes for other, mostly obscure games

Jack is also active in the Elite Chatroom and frequently participates in Elite events, in particular the sometimes on sometimes off werewolf craze. He joined the Elite staff, briefly, becoming the official Goldeneye Reporter, and did a damn fine job with his timely updates and amusing quips, though also perhaps not.

Outside of The Elite, Jack is a composer, musician, pianist, guitarist, bassist, ex-student, drunk, smoker, and one unbelievably awesome guy. He makes his living exclusively playing and teaching music, being a member of two highly incompatible Latin (bass) and Metal (bass/rhythm guitar/lead vocals) bands, as well as often being hired for one-off shows and events. He also dicks around with video game music in his free time, and may possibly be taking requests.

Jack is also one of the world's best Punch-Out!! players; having achieved nearly every maximum time in Super Punch-Out (and currently is 4/4 in high score WRs), having held at least every Mike Tyson's Punch-Out WR at least once, and currently has the best known times on damn near every fighter in the new Punch-Out!! Wii. He also is a perfect 12 for 12 WRs on the boss rush mode in Skyward Sword, and in general is just nuts for twitch reflex and puzzle based boss fight gameplay. He purportedly has runs of No More Heroes 1 & 2 "in the works", according to drunken boasting.

He became the Elite's first Dad on September 28 2009, when young Elizabeth entered the world.

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