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Eddie Lovins

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Eddie getting his 2nd straight flush in 2 years!

Eddie "Tuxedobond" Lovins is a solid Goldeneye player who originally joined The Elite in the Fall of 2000. He peaked at 11th place in January of 2002 before taking a long break from the game, eventually returning to active competition in February of 2006. Having fallen to 29th place during his time away, Eddie set about the long way back towards the Top 10. On April 24 2008 he surpassed his old rank and rose to 9th place in the rankings, described as "the most epic climb into the top ten ever". While still not a Top 10 member, Eddie is still very highly ranked. He is currently ranked 14th due to virtually haven't PR'd at all for the last two years.

Eddie's only untied World Record during this time was Frigate Agent :25 (set in September of 2001), but he has held as many as 8 Goldeneye WRs at once when he completed a Statue sweep in early 2007. He also excelled in Dark License to Kill-mode in mid-2008, where after trying just three levels (Bunker 1 and Frigate) he broke the WR on Frigate by 6 seconds with a time of 2:09 and the WR on Facility by 4 seconds with a time of 1:47. In late 2009, he returned to DLTK, where he found 2 huge time-saving strats on Bunker 1 and lowered the WR from 3:02 to 2:21. On January 20, 2010, Eddie became the first person to ever complete Cradle DLTK, finishing in a time of 1:47, and later during the year lowered the record to 1:29 (beating the TAS time). He has also gained a reputation as one of the top GE multiplayers out there, after winning both the 2010 Florida tournament and the prestigious 2010 and 2011 Virginia tournaments (see below).

Lovins' favorite hobbies outside of gaming are basketball, working out, poker (getting straight flushes against Jimbo in consecutive years), and driving his 2011 Mustang GT. Eddie is also good friends with eliters Adam Matis and Greg Woll, hanging out several times per year despite living in different states. He has also met several other eliters at the 2007-2011 Virginia meets, the 2009 and 2010 Florida meets, the 2009 and 2010 Michigan meets, and the 2011 and 2012 California meets. Eddie graduated from Wayne State University in December 2007 with a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and now works as an Institutional Trust Analyst. He is also quite talented outside of the GE arena, as proven by his winning Ohio's State Championship for Mario Kart 64 and Super Smash Bros. in the spring of 2007, and taking 2nd place in the Mario Kart 64 tournament at the 2009 Elite Virginia meet and 3rd place at the 2010 and 2011 meet.

The road to the 2010 Virginia Goldeneye championship was a relatively easy one for Lovins, who started as a #2 seed in Jimbo's bracket. He won his division handily, sending Jimbo to the loser's bracket right away and beating Greg Woll for the winner's bracket crown (this also let Eddie watch everyone play and would give him much-needed rest while everyone else went through a gauntlet-style loser's bracket). After defeating Greg, the loser's bracket would have to work out a champion; Jimbo, after being eliminated by Lovins, would go on a tear, eliminating wiff, Mgay, tournament favorite and 2-time defending champion Patrik Nilsson, and Adam Matis, Eddie's next-biggest threat. Jimbo would lose to Greg Woll by one kill however and the dream-rematch was over; this would set up a classic Woll vs Lovins grand finals. Eddie beat Greg in the first set of 3 matches at 4:30 AM, giving Eddie an unblemished record in his run to the 2010 championship.

Some people thought Eddie's 2010 Championship may not have been fully deserved, since he was never pitted against Patrik Nilsson in a tournament match. [note: this is garbage, but some people actually thought that] As 2011 approached, the Goldeneye bracket was set up so that Adam Matis, Bryan Bosshardt, Ryan Lockwood, and newcomer Ryan Koch would be in Eddie's side of the bracket, while Jimbo, David Clemens, and Patrik Nilsson would be in the other. Ryan Koch emerged as the finalist in Eddie's conference, resulting in one of the more humorous matches of the year, as Eddie came out of character a bit to dish out some trash talk that Koch had been sending his way to get him off his game. The finals would come down to the most anticipated matchup brewing since 2010 -- Patrik vs Eddie -- and Eddie played all out for complete validation of the 2010 championship. Patrik would return for his double elimination matchup vs Lovins for the final match of the tournament, and even handed Eddie a rare single-match loss to force round 3, but to no avail. Eddie would win the 2011 Goldeneye championship in grand fashion, and would back up his all-around gamer skills with a 3rd place finish in Mario Kart 64, and a dominating showing in Super Smash Bros 64 on the big screen.

Other things to note:

  • Eddie has never lost a best-of-three series since the 2010 Virginia meet began.
  • Eddie is the 2nd back-to-back champion in Goldeneye, matching what Patrik Nilsson did in 2008 and 2009.
  • Eddie's streak of finishing in the final four in Mario Kart 64 is the 2nd-longest active streak, dating to 2009.
  • Eddie's notable "squishing" in Mario Kart 64's finals in 2010 was fully avenged in an exhibition match vs Jimbo in 2011, resulting in Jimbo raging and laughing simultaneously.
  • Eddie's poker antics continued into 2011: In 2009, Eddie beat Jimbo's straight with a hearts-straight-flush, and in 2010 Eddie took about $10 off of Jimbo with a diamonds-straight-flush. In 2011, Eddie had QUAD SIXES - TWICE - WITHIN 6 HANDS, only math geniuses would appreciate the astounding odds of that happening.
  • Eddie owns a cool N64 controller (orange transparent), and the only one of that color used in Virginia up to 2012 when Fanny brought the goods.
  • Eddie owns a 2011 Ford Mustang GT with the newly-engineered 5.0L 302 V8 inside of it, sporting about 420 horsepower.
  • Eddie is a homepwner of 2 years.
  • Eddie is a 60/60 proven Goldeneye player.
  • Eddie gets other people to edit his wiki for him, like a boss!

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