Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager


Ravager is designed to avoid the player softlocking even in the case where quest givers along the main quest lines are killed, or become hostile to the party. In these circumstances, the logical gate to the next step in a quest chain is usually opened in some way. This can be heavily exploited to skip major parts of the game. Not all quest givers have an anti-softlock path. In particular, killing the Jann weaver or Boric is still a softlock.

Tyr Quests Skip

At the start of the gave you can kill Arslan to become hostile to the VA. This completely skips the templar offices subplot and opens the VA HQ region immediately. A pack of enemies spawns on this event and tracks down the party. They can be avoid completely by going around the long way to the bathouse. Enter the VA headquarters as normal. All VA NPCs will attack. Full clear the VAHQ area. Upon returning to Tyr, you will be able to search Kovars bookshelf for the stone medallion key and proceed straight to the pyramid.

Fast Pyramid

Use the grate immediately to shortcut to the eastern side. Pass the statue as normal. Walk through the firewalls the templar creates and climb the stairs nearly to the top but stop one step short of aggroing the garden. From this exact position, a preserver with fire-wall can cast a very small section of fire-wall in the head templars patrol path. The templar will do a lap or two and die to the firewall and the pyramid quest will complete.

Lord Warrior Intro Battle

When entering the VA archives for the first time, zone out and back in again. All the Lord Warriors minions will despawn leaving an easy fight when the lord warrior introduces himself in the tapestry room.

Fire Rush

As soon as you leave combat with the draxans that attack the Verini, you can attack the Verini to completely skip the quest chain. This will immediately start the volcano eruption timer and open the stairs to the volcano core. The Verini meeting will be skipped. Enter the Verini temple, and go straight to the stairs. Complete the volcano core as normal. When returning you will need to either kill a very large group of verini, or sneak past under cover of walls and fog clouds. A double fire-wall will kill the horde without combat but takes some time to wait it out.

Fire Final Battle

The templar with the Fire Ruby can be killed from range to avoid him warping away. This will skip the final battle where he summons undead.

Air Flute Skip

The Air drakes can be rushed to avoid collecting the two halves of the flute. A high HP tank or two is required. Buffs and crowd control will probably be needed for the air drake fights.

Final Battle

Prebuff the final fight before triggering the custcene. Mash 'c' as the cutscene fades back to gameplay to get casting control and attack the final battle with a ranged spell. This will start combat without the lord warrior's final dialog which resets the partys buffs and triggers combat.

General Tips


Haste, Enlarge and Iron Skin are particularly OP and should be prebuffed for most major battles. Preservers always get haste on character creation. Enlarge may need to be learnt by choice. Strength of One can also help and applies equipping promeres hammer. Earth clerics and druids are needed for Iron Skin.

Walling and Line of Sight Breaks

Walls of stone, dust cloud, fog cloud and fire walls can all be used to break line of sight and get out of combat or funnel enemies to break up large battles. Particularly useful on the elder brain fight and air drakes.

Party & Equipment

A single-class preserver is a must as of this writing. Firewall is needed ASAP for the pyramid skip. This preserver will also provide enlarge and firewall. Matthias drops a +2 weapon which preservers can use.

Single class half-giant gladiators hit hard and have a massive health pool. Generally, multi-classing is not worth it. Equip Dragons Bane at the start of the game.

Intellect devourers are a major problem in the Illithid temple with very few attacks being effective. They can be killed very easily by getting the +3 bow with +2 arrows from sureshot in the halfling tree village. Looting a few high value weapons/armor to sell helps raise the money. Magic Missle and Vampiric Touch do work, however it's difficult to get enough charges with the lack or rest spots in the Illithid temple. Sometimes normal weapons work (hit for more than 1 dmg) unexpectedly but this is unreliable.


Dialogs are most easily advanced by keyboard. Keyboard numbers 1-5 correspond to the 5 dialog options. Dialogs can be memorized as a sequence of numbers. You can have a dialog key held down before the dialog starts, for example, you can hold down 1 to get through the "leave this area" dialog instantly.

Press 'c' to cast spells. Mashing 'c' when transitioning to new scenes can often be used to cast spell from out of combat where you would normally be in combat as soon as zoning in.


Set the game to easy difficulty and disable animations and voice acting.