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Crazy Dutch PR Smash Virus

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The Crazy Dutch Smash Crazy PR Smash Virus, also known as the Crazy Dutch Virus, Dutch Madness, Insane Netherlander Syndrome, Dutchlandic Magic, etc. etc. is that thing which makes Dutch gamers so darn competitive in videogames.

As a society, the Dutch are a relative minority in this world. So having so much gaming talent breaks everything the normal distribution stands for. As such, scientists have been forced to concede the theory that an endemic virus in the Netherlands is to blame for the telltale symptoms PR after PR after PR. In more severe cases (a cure is yet unknown), it is WR after WR after WR. Since the Dutch have a high population density, the virus thrives and the populace is perpetually under its influence. Some use will-power to fight it, and perform poorly in games, but others succumb and can't help but become the best in the world.

Reports describing similar symptoms have been filed, wherein a non-Dutch gamer had visited the Netherlands on vacation, and returned home with temporary symptoms and five or six WRs. The accepted explanation is that the Smash Crazy PR Dutch Crazy Crazy Virus is to blame, but that its effect quickly tapers off when isolated from its natural breeding grounds.