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2007 Elite Summer Contest

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The 2007 Elite Summer Contest was known as New Blood Rising. 2007 differed from the previous four Elite Summer Contests in that:

  • Contestants were not ranked by seeds.
  • Four Divisions gave the new generation a great opportunity to make the field.
  • Randomly-placed matchups disallowed vote rallying.

The Contest kicked off on Friday, June 1st of 2007. To vote, Eliters sent the name of their daily choice to Ngamer over AOL Instant Messenger at ImNgamer, or mailed their choice to ngamer AT gmail DOT com. To be eligible to vote, one of four conditions had to be met:

Those not sure of their eligibility contacted Ngamer about their official status.

The Contest & Subcontests

Wrapup & Statistics

The 2007 Elite Summer Contest was won by Bryan Bosshardt, who defeated Phil "octo" McCanna 45 votes to 44 in the final match.

Bosshardt became the first Eliter to medal in three straight Elite Summer Contests, having won the Bronze in 2005 and 2006.

The complete listing of Contestant Biographies for 2007 is listed below.

The 2007 Elite Summer Contest
Full Bracket | First Vote | Predictions | Spread Betting | Matchups & Results & VotDs

Out to Port
Fro | wiff
D. Slayer/Glen S. | Boss
Axel | Matis
Youse | Trent
SilentThunder | drag
Bcks | Infil
QB | Clemens
Neo | Garrett

The Crow's Nest
Goose | Wes
Karl | Lovins
SZ | Nodjo
Wouter | Shep/wheat
Jimbo | Mouse
Wabs | Taka
Woll | Lark
Comet | packattack

Hard to Starboard
Disco | Jimmy Bauer
PDO | Fal
Zeebo | Silver Angel
Illu | Greg K./Zerg
Sam | octo
Come | Swaff
Cervone | highscore
FB | sdkess

The Poop Deck
YE | Leo Santos
Expert | Ace
Alex | Sterling
Paragon | Dark Otto
BloodE | failurewarning
marsh | Henrik
mostfrantic | Triep
Matthijs | Dman/Luke S.