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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

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This is a game for Nintendo 3DS (or 2DS) system only. In this game the story continues where A Link to the Past ends, Hyrule is in peace again, Ganon has been defeated and nobody remembers a thing about what happened...

Game records

Details soon! ^_^


Strategies Here! A short description of each kind of minigame:

Rupee Rush

Can be found in both worlds just below Kakariko Village or Thieves' Town at the left.

The rules are clear, you have 30 seconds to get as many rupees as possible and you must talk with the Girl/Man within 30 seconds. There's a twist though, there is NO timer!

Hotfoot (Race)

Only in Hyrule, below Eastern Palace area.

You need to race through Hyrule from the start to the mining building in the north. You have three difficulties:

Beginner: Finish within 75 seconds.

Intermediate: Finish within 65 seconds.

Advanced: Finish within your own personal record.

Cucco Game

Only in Hyrule, below Kakariko Village.

You basically try to get the longest time of evading the chickens, after 100 seconds you will get a lot of small chickens at you.


Only in Lorule, can be found in the forest near Thieves' Town.

In this game you go for the highest score of rupees, you have 30 chances to hit a ball to get the highest score.

Small pot: 1 rupee, Big pot: 5 rupees, Crow: 20 rupees, crab: Resets pots.

To get the crow in the screen, you need to hit a pot 3 times in a row. 255 rupees is the highest score that can be achieved in Octoball.

Formula: (5 x 3 + 20) x 7 + 10 = 255 (3 big pots in a row + crow = 4 balls x 7 = 28, 5 x 2 = 10)

Treacherous Tower

Only in Lorule, same location as Tower of Hera in Hyrule.

You battle for victory (or rupees), to make more things clear, you must complete the entire course without dying.

The minigame has three difficulties:

Beginner: Beat 5 floors.

Intermediate: Beat 15 floors.

Advanced: Beat 50 floors.

Minigame's best known records

The records are given in the format for each minigame:

WR by Name set on 01 January 1900.

Rupee Rush Hyrule

453 rupees by Alex Penev set on 08 January 2014

Rupee Rush Lorule

1302 rupees by StaggerT2 set on 31 March 2014

Cucco Game

539.51 seconds by Viskiv set on 22 January 2015


213 rupees by StaggerT2 set on 19 December 2013? (charts were added on that day, but who knows it was set earlier?)

Hotfoot (Race)

43.2 seconds by Emperor91 set on 02 March 2015 (Lorule), tied by Michael Arends on 09 March 2015 (video link soon) (Hyrule)

Treacherous Tower

Beginner: 7 seconds by Michael Arends set on 15 December 2013 Video here (It is for GWR)

Intermediate: 42 seconds by Michael Arends set on 01 December 2014, tied by Viskiv on 03 December 2014

Advanced: 3 minutes and 50 seconds by Michael Arends set on 03 August 2015 Click here for the actual chart


Due the fact Beginner course has a lot of people having 7 seconds, only the ones with WRs besides this will be listed!

Michael Arends (Yoshistar95): 4 WRs, of which 1 tied

StaggerT2: 3 WRs, of which 1 tied

Viskiv: 3 WRs, of which 2 tied (only Cucco Endless is not tied)

Emporer91: 2 WRs, of which 1 tied

Alex Penev: 2 WRs, of which 1 tied

As of today, 5 WRs aren't tied, Beginner and Intermediate Course have been tied as well for Hyrule Hotfoot!


Gathering information....

Last updated: 04 December 2015 at 19:00 (local time)

Links Time Records thread Yoshistar™ (A.K.A Yoshistar95, Michael Arends) keeps track of the local records of that site. No longer updated, still useful for history purpose.

Cyberscore Interactive site which gets updated all the time. Soon speedrun will be added, request of it is pending...