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Legend of Mana

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Legend of Mana

Legend of Mana is an RPG released by Square in June of 2000 for the Sony Playstation. It is the fourth game in the Category:Seiken Densetsu series, though only the third title to make it to the US (Seiken Densetsu 3 was not released stateside).

Game Introduction

Unlike other games in the Seiken series, Legend of Mana was not a straightforward game. The game has a few missions available from the start, and upon completing them you can receive Artifacts (AFs) that can create new lands, thus allowing you to complete new missions. However while completing some missions allow you to access new missions, they can also prevent you from completing others.

Legend of Mana has 3 major storylines, of which one must be completed (at minimum) to be able to complete the game. While it's easy to get to the end of the game, getting there FAST requires a lot of strategy and planning.


Dragon Storyline

The Dragon storyline is the shortest. Unlike the other two storylines, it requires the least number of missions to get through the storyline, and you receive the AF you need to do the next mission from the one you just completed. The only AF you need to do any mission from the storyline is AF Trembling Spoon, acquired from doing Faeries' Light.

Missions in the storyline include:

  • The Fallen Emperor
  • The Guardian of Winds
  • The Ghost of Nemesis
  • The Dragon Princess
  • The Crimson Dragon

While these are part of the storyline itself, other missions are required to fulfill other requirements. These include:

  • Niccolo's Business Unusual & The Lost Princess

(Either of these missions unlocks Monster Corral--they are both also fairly quick and net 2 AF's to drop)

  • Monster Corral

(An alternate selection listing could include The Infernal Doll, Professor Bomb's Lab, and Golem-Go-Make'm, however this is MUCH longer)

  • Faeries' Light

(This is the only place to get AF Trembling Spoon.)

  • Field Trip

(Required to do The Ghost of Nemesis)

Even despite all this, you need 2 more AFs to get the minimum needed to do Cage of Dreams. With the available locations, doing Summer Lovin' is presently the fastest mission to get the necessary AF count.

Presently the fastest time on this storyline is Quatropus [1]

Faerie Storyline

This storyline features a lot of missions needed to clear the way for the secondary missions of the lands which happen to be part of the storyline.

Missions in the storyline include:

  • The Murmuring Forest
  • Two Torches
  • In Search of Faeries
  • Pokiehl: Dream Teller
  • Star-Crossed Lovers
  • Heaven's Gate

As stated earlier, a lot of the missions in the list are not the primary mission of a land. The first must be completed for the secondary missions to be available to the player. These include:

  • Huntin' Du'Cate

(To do The Murmuring Forest)

  • The Flame of Hope

(To do Two Torches)

  • The Gorgon Eye

(To do In Search of Faeries)

  • Mine Your Own Business

(To do Pokiehl: Dream Teller)

  • Teatime of Danger

(To do Star-Crossed Lovers)

Presently the fastest time on this storyline is Tiberius_Imperator's run here : [2]

Jumi Storyline

Undoubtedly the longest storyline of the three, both in number of missions as well as mission time.

Missions in the storyline include:

  • The Lost Princess
  • The Flame of Hope
  • The Looking-Glass Tower
  • Drowned Dreams
  • The Lucky Clover
  • Cosmo
  • Two Pearls
  • Alexandrite
  • Flourite
  • Teardrop Crystal

Presently the fastest time on this storyline is Tiberius Imperator's run here: [3].

Full Game

AllEvent notes from SilentSigil : [4] (6:51:45 last hit EMU)

External Links [5]

Discord [6]