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Kirby Super Star

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Kirby Super Star

Kirby Super Star is a Platformer released in March of 1996 by Hal for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


The Speed Demos Archive hosts Kirby Super Star competition. Because the game is split into many very distinct adventures and races, World Records are kept for each stage. The current records are as follows:

  • Spring Breeze - 3 minutes and 51 seconds by Mike "MrBlarney" Yi
  • Gourmet Race Grand Prix - 1:38:28 by Samuel Dickenson
  • Gourmet Race Race 1 - 21:19 by Samurai_Goroh
  • Gourmet Race Race 2 - 32:25 by Samuel Dickenson
  • Gourmet Race Race 3 - 39:99 by Samuel Dickenson
  • Gourmet Race Individual Total - 1:32:77 by Samuel Dickenson
  • Dynablade - 11 minutes and 22 seconds by Steven "Bartz" Brooks (100% completion)
  • The Great Cave Offensive - 6 minutes and 16 seconds by Mike Yi
  • Revenge of Meta-Knight - 14 minutes and 27 seconds by Mike Yi
  • Milkway Wishes - 15 minutes and 45 seconds by Mike Yi
  • The Arena - 3:33:10 by 82K3 (Wheelie Rider- No Damage Clear)

Speedrun Strategies

  • Gourmet Race-
  • Instead of jumping over each gap, fall in and do a puff-jump, then quickly press Y to let the air out and continue going, it saves LOTS of time.

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