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Jacob McMillin

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Jacob McMillin (aliases include Jacob91, J91, Jacob91x, Sliced Citrus, Jxcxb_Sxnsxx, JacoBlackout) is a notable player who competes in a wide variety of competitive games, previously or currently holding world records in Sonic Adventure 2, Mario Kart DS, Guitar Hero 3, and Pokémon Red. He is also a cyberscore regular, and is currently (As of August 15th, 2010) 47th on the Main Scoreboard and 24th on the Total CSP ranking (Out of over 7,000 competitors). He holds 126 World Records on Cyberscore, of which 102 are untied.

Jacob has a good history of providing high-quality video for many of his personal records. Among many forumites at, he is known for providing videos of playing games using unconventional control methods and doing quite well. An example of this includes a Guitar Hero 3 Stricken 500k, 99% Run, Strumming with his crotch and fretting on an inverted fretboard with his fingers in an unorthodox manner.

Other gaming accomplishments include a Shortcut God Rank time on Mario Kart 64, A 4:46 Single Segment Speedrun of Paper Mario (Significantly faster than the segmented 5:04 speedrun on SDA at the time), A 100% FC (One of the very first) of the Bridge 1 Section of Through the Fire and Flames, one of the hardest sections of the hardest song in Guitar Hero 3. An elite New Game Pro run on Resident Evil 4 that includes some of the fastest chapter times ever completed for the category (Using the discoveries available at the time), Being an elite squeezer in the Guitar Hero Series (Having multiple scores that are optimal or within 1% of optimal score), and being a competitive speedrunner in many popular games such as Super Mario 64, Metroid Prime, Pokémon Red/Blue/Gold/Silver/Crystal, Paper Mario, Viewtiful Joe, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, The Super Smash Bros. Trilogy, and Sonic Adventure 2, among many others.

His accomplishments and hobbies outside of gaming include writing, Tricking, Track and Field, backpacking, soccer, and learning. He aspires to one day claim the top spot on the games he enjoys the most. He also is an amateur stuntman, who has been hospitalized three times for stunts gone wrong. A video of him getting hit with 150 paintballs without protection is available on his Youtube Profile. Aside from these factoids, he is also a casual speed-cuber, with his 3x3x3 Personal Record at 3 minutes.

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