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Adam V.

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Adam "Flechr" V. is a 18th place GoldenEye player from Ohio, which is ranked as the 3rd worst state in the country.

Unlrelated photo of Dan "Swiss" Parker on the floor at a Games Done Quick meetup.

Adam posted his first time (Runway Agent 0:24) in March 2018 after watching RWhiteGoose's well known GoldenEye SpeedLore series. He slowly rose up the ranks, getting times like Dam Agent 53 and Runway Agent 22 within a month of posting his first time. He has built up a small but steady Twitch viewership on his Twitch Channel.

He gained notoriety in The Elite for his early streams captured with a webcam with a mirror being used as a facecam, which he dubbed as the “Highest Quality Webcam Stream Twitch has to offer.” Some of his more lofty goals include tying the untied Runway 00 Agent 0:28 set by Ryan "Graviton" Gibbs, and getting the Aztec 00 Agent world record whilst skipping the body armor.

An example of Adam's primitive streaming techniques.


Joined The Elite: 2/28/18

GE Times Page Completed: 3/18/18

Sub-3:00 (GE) Time Total: 4/17/18

"Boring Four" Completed: 5/12/18

Sub-2:00 (GE) Time Total: 5/14/18

PD Times Page Completed: 5/17/18

GE Top 100: 6/11/18

Rare Top 100: 6/23/18

Top 100 Time Rank (GE): 6/29/18

Sub-1:30 (GE) Time Total: 7/3/18

All Top 200 Times in GE: 7/24/18

First Initialed WR in GE (Cradle SA): 9/6/18

First WR Sweep (Cradle): 9/7/18

First Leaderboard (Cradle): 9/7/18

Sub-1:20 (GE) Time Total: 10/8/18

Top 50 Time Rank (GE): 10/12/18

3000 pts. (GE): 10/19/18

Points on Every Level (GE): 10/27/18

GE Top 50: 11/27/18

Duel True Ending: 3/19/19

Rare Top 50: 3/23/19

4000 pts. (GE): 3/23/19

PD Top 100: 6/1/19

PD Top 50: 6/5/19

Rare Top 25: 6/7/19

Sub 3:30 Club: 6/12/19

Rare Top 15: 6/15/19

Top 100 Time Rank (PD): 6/17/19

Sub-2 (PD) Time Total: 6/18/19

PD Top 25: 6/19/19

Top 50 Time Rank (PD): 6/19/19

Sub 3:00 Club: 6/20/19

4000 pts. (PD): 6/21/19

Points on Every PD Level: 6/22/19

GE Top 25: 7/22/19

Month of Aztec

May 2018, the Month of Aztec, was a special month-long series of streams where Adam would play almost nothing but the Aztec level on all difficulties, with some Statue therapy in between. Adam managed to improve his personal bests from 2:20 to 1:32 on Agent, 2:53 to 1:41 on Secret Agent, and 3:48 to 1:46 on 00 Agent. He compiled the best moments from these streams into a special celebration video.


Something unique about Adam and something he's been trying keep consistent with his whole career, is that he has a video posted for every improvement on any of his times since his first submitted time. He has also made special celebration videos for more impressive times and events like Dam Agent 0:53 and the aforementioned Month of Aztec in what he calls the "Initiation" playlist.

The Comprehensive Guide to GE Speedrunning

This 10 part video series was created by Adam with the intent of helping new players to The Elite by going over the history of the game, the site, and speedrunning tactics.

This video introduces viewers to the series and gives some background on the game and the Elite community.

This video covers the Elite Rankings, the Elite Forums, and the Elite Discord.

This video covers the equipment that you need to get started speedrunning GoldenEye.

This video covers control styles, how we hold the controller for optimal control of Bond's movement, the basics of movement, and suggested settings.

This video covers the basic concepts and techniques you should understand before speedrunning GoldenEye. These topics are OCB, Lookdown, Warps, and Boosts.

This video covers several great beginner goals, including beating the full game on 00A difficulty, Runway Agent 0:24 without self-boosts, and beating Facility Agent in under a minute.

This video covers several additional good beginner goals, including Dam 54, Runway 23, Bunker 1 18, and Archives 17

In this video, I cover several more advanced techniques useful for GE speedrunning, including using a dot, 2.x control styles, and r-leans.

In this video, I discuss the version differences, and talk about several topics concerning how to continue after achieving some of the beginner goals. The end of this video features my own personal advice.

This video finishes this ten part series, and presents advice from several different players.


See also: Flechr's Remarble Quote Database™

When something that is deemed “quoteworthy” is said by Adam or someone else in the community, it is added to the quote list using the “!addquote” command for Nightbot. A quote does not necessarily have to be something said by Adam, or a viewer during a live stream, but those make up a good majority of the quote list, and account for almost all of the quotes from early on in the database. Adam and his viewers have amassed a total of 604 quotes (As of 1/22/19).

Part 11

Part 11 is a video unhoarding times achieved from November 29, 2018 to January 2, 2019, created by Adam in collaboration with Paul "Pauliwood" M. The video contains all hoarded times set to music or commentary by Adam's brother, Marshall, and short bits between runs, including the infamous "Overclock Tutorial." The unhoard pushed Adam from 51st to 38th in Goldeneye, and Pauliwood from 34th to 28th in Perfect Dark.

Month of Rescue

The problem you have is that there is no way to sneak into the research section. The only way in available to you is a weak section of wall I’ve marked in a room beyond the stores. It can be destroyed with explosives. Doesn’t sound like a pro-

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